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Heather is a native New Yorker and seasoned veteran in the industry. As a native New Yorker, Heather has always loved the culture and energy of this city. Known for her "no challenge is too small" attitude, humility, and positive work ethic, she prides herself in her commitment to her clients, extensive knowledge of the market, and her ability to cultivate long term relationships. She brings a positive and honest approach to all of her communications and prides herself on being an eternal optimist.

Heather is an incredibly customer-focused individual and her prior corporate experience has allowed her to set a different standard of customer service in the industry. Prior to Elegran, Heather worked at a private wealth management firm for four years and spent three years at a technology start-up, where she managed a team of Account Managers responsible for relationships with top tier businesses. Heather has also worked for a family business in the camping industry, which has served thousands of children from NYC from the Upper East Side and Upper West Side for years. Therefore, she brings a special perspective to the industry and is intimately aware of the needs of parents and children living in Manhattan.

As every client is unique, Heather takes a very customized and curated approach to each transaction. Heather has experience with all types of transactions in New York and has navigated some very complex deals. In particular, she has extensive experience in new construction sales and rentals, and has represented buyers and sellers in various condo and co-op re-sales throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

When she is not selling real estate, she is an avid health and wellness advocate (healthy treats are her specialty!) a-cappella music aficionado, and enjoys spending time in her current neighborhood of Murray Hill with her husband, John (whom she met through real estate!)

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$7,750,000 exclusive

45 West 67th Street, APT 30ABF Condominium in Lincoln Square  

5 Bedrooms
3.5 Bathrooms
3,000 Square FT

BRING YOUR ARCHITECT! Apartment 30ABF at 45 W 67th Street is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create your custom 3,000sf home with the most breathtaking Centra...

Address Beds Baths SQ ft Price
The Olcott, 27 W 72nd St, APT 1102 3 3.5 2,013
6 Cortlandt Alley, APT R5 4 4.5 3,641
55 W 17th Street, APT 1501 2 2.5 1,787
The Caledonia, 450 W 17th St, APT 2009 3 3 1,637
The Machinery Exchange Building, 136 Baxter St, APT 1/2A 3 3 3,418
15 E 26th St, APT 19D 3 3.5 2,078
The Sutton, 959 1st Avenue, APT 10A 3 2.5 1,959
15 Renwick St, APT 601 2 2.5 1,481
301 E 50th St, APT 9A 2 2.5 1,447
325 Lexington Avenue, APT 24C 2 2 1,138
River & Warren, 212 Warren St, APT 4J 2 2 1,564
The Boerum, 265 State Street, APT 1101 3 2.5 1,744
45 Christopher Street, APT 7G 1 1 850
The Boerum, 265 State Street, Apt 1214 2 2 1,266
196 Orchard, APT 5A 1 1 822
The Onyx Chelsea, 261 W 28th St, APT 10C 1 1.5 911
156 Franklin Street, APT 1R 1 2 1,500
247 W 46th Street, APT 701 1 1.5 988
45 East End Avenue, APT 12-F 2 2 1,300
444 E 86th Street, APT 3-F 2 2 1,100
303 West 66th Street, APT 12-CW 2 1 1,100
308 Mott Street, APT 1D 1 1 800
389 East 89th Street, APT 16-B 1 1 731
303 E 33rd St, APT 5J 0 1 546
475 Sterling Place, APT 3E 1 1 732
234 W 148th St, APT 2B 1 1 N/A
81 Columbia Heights, APT 33 1 1 N/A
Address Beds Baths SQ ft Price
Hawthorn Park, 160 W 62nd St, APT 28C 2 2.5 N/A
The Park Imperial, 230 W 56th St, APT 56C 2 2.5 1,551
222 W 80th Street, APT 9A 2 2 N/A
The Grand Tier, 1930 Broadway, APT 8D 2 2 N/A
Hawthorn Park, 160 W 62nd St, APT 11A 2 2 N/A
161 W 61st St, APT 25B 3 3 N/A
Chelsea Park, APT 11R 2 2 N/A
The Andover, 1675 York Avenue, APT 16B 2 2 N/A
501 E 87th St, APT 19C 2 2 1,400
The Helena, 601 W 57th St, PH-J 2 2 N/A
66 Franklin, APT 6A 1 1 N/A
Crystal Green, 330 W 39th St, APT 19E 2 2 N/A
The Exchange, 25 Broad St, APT 12J 2 2 N/A
Hawthorn Park, 160 W 62nd St, APT 33B 1 2 N/A
306 W 48th St, APT 28C 1 1 N/A
The Sheffield, 322 W 57th St, APT 35G 1 1 N/A
Crystal Green, 330 W 39th St, APT 6E 1 1 N/A
Crystal Green, 330 W 39th St, APT 5D 1 1 N/A
321 W 94th St, APT 1C 2 2 N/A
305 Second Avenue, APT 508 1 1 N/A
8 Spruce St, APT 26N 1 1 700
8 Spruce St, APT 38N 1 1 N/A
10 Liberty Plaza, APT 16B 1 1 N/A
Crystal Green, 330 W 39th St, APT 17D 1 1 N/A
The Regent, 45 W 60th St, APT 28G 1 1 N/A
211 North End Avenue, APT 15A 1 1 860
235 W 48th St, APT 32G 1 1 N/A
1080 Amsterdam, APT 603 1 1 N/A
229 W 60th Street, APT 25R 1 1 700
The Exchange, 25 Broad St, APT 7G 1 1 750
The Exchange, 20 Broad St, APT 6P 1 1 855
2 Water St, APT 16B 1 1 650
1080 Amsterdam Avenue, APT 603 1 1 750
The Nathaniel, 138 E 12th St, APT 3K 0 1 N/A
1080 Amsterdam, APT 1705 0 1 N/A
The Larstrand, 227 W 77th St, APT 14B 0 1 400
170 Amsterdam, APT 3A 0 1 N/A
The Sessanta, 229 W 60th St, APT 3K 1 1 N/A
80 Elizabeth St, APT 7L 2 1 N/A
Chelsea Park, APT 10A 0 1 N/A
The Dryden East, APT 1107 1 1 N/A
408 E 92nd St, APT 30A 1 1 657
Chelsea Tower, APT 12D 0 1 470
2149 Frederick Douglas Boulevard, APT 4A 2 2 N/A
The beaSchermerhorn, 189 Schermerhorn St, APT 4B 1 1 662
The Sessanta, 229 W 60th St, APT 9T 0 1 N/A
209 W 21st St, APT 3B 1 1 N/A
301 E 91 St, APT 4N 1 1 750
336 Riverside Drive, APT 3C 1 1 N/A
Savoy Park, APT 7F 1 1 595


In the complex and often challenging world of New York real estate, Heather Glotzer and Andrew Warren provided an island of intelligent, insightful, tasteful calm for our apartment search. Heather was infinitely patient through several near-misses, always reassuring and supportive in dealing with the emotional roller coaster that finding the right coop or condo can be. She always found new listings, frequently before they went on the market, and was always up on the latest information that matched our highly customized needs. We looked in a variety of New York neighborhoods and price ranges, and we would not hesitate to recommend Heather or Andrew or their firm, Elegran, to anyone searching for a home in any neighborhood or virtually any price point in the New York area. - Dan and Julie B.

I met Heather and Andrew while looking for a new apartment after my husband and I got married. We changed our minds on what we wanted several times - from renting to buying, from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Heather and Andrew were patient, kind, and informative throughout the whole process. I've worked with quite a few brokers and agencies, and I've never met anyone so responsive and professional. They make a great team. We finally bought in Brooklyn and could not be happier with the property. They truly listened to everything we wanted, and found it. We never felt pressured to make a decision, and trust that they are looking out for our best interests in every deal. I would highly recommend Heather and Andrew to anyone looking for amazing brokers who know the market. - Ragini S.

Soon after moving to New York, my husband and I discovered another building in our neighborhood which we felt would be a better fit for us. We met Heather, and she showed us an apartment in the building, even though we were not in a position to move at that point. Each year, when our lease in the original building was coming up, Heather would politely check in with us to see if we were ready to make a move. We consulted with her over a three-year period, and she never forgot about us or our desire to move. Last year, we were finally in a position to move to the building we were interested in, and she helped us find the perfect apartment. Heather is unfailingly polite and patient. She listened to our wishes and concerns and helped us address each one. She guided us through the application, deposit and leasing process at the new building, and our transition was very smooth. We plan to stay in the building she helped us to locate for as long as we are living in New York. - A & M

I had a really good experience working with Heather Glotzer. The stereotype of Manhattan real estate agents is that they are hard nosed and money driven. Heather, on the other hand, was cheery, accommodating and professional. She knew the kind of apartment I wanted and never tried to steer me to rent something that was not to my taste. She knew I was determined to get an apartment with a water view. We laughed and looked. But when she needed to push the management folks she did. I ended up with a terrific apartment and a pleasant memory working with her. - Ellen K.

We used Elegran to purchase our coop last month and wholeheartedly give the firm 5 stars. We took almost 2 years to find the right place and Heather and Jared were patient and very helpful for the entire time. This was very important since we lived in VA at the time and couldn't come to NY often to attend open houses. They were always available for questions and to preview units to see if they were suitable for our needs. During the purchase process, they were invaluable as we traversed the complex process of a coop purchase. They guided us through the coop application and interview processes with necessary advice and tips. Most importantly for us there was never any pressure along the way. We couldn't have been more pleased with our experience. - Alan & Lori M.

I wanted to send you a written thank you for your assistance in finding my NYC condo. Having been involved in real estate for 36 years and having lived in the city for three years, I have met and viewed many apartments with many agents and firms. When I decided to look for a condo to purchase, I tried many people but found the attitude to be a "big deal,” - "if you don’t buy this someone else will." When I met you and Andrew I was impressed by the fact that you immediately wanted to know what I was looking for i.e. an investment, a second home, short or long term ownership and most importantly where in Manhattan I wanted to be. Throughout the whole process of looking and finding the Onyx property, both of you were attentive and learned my likes and dislikes for style and type of building quickly. I am so happy in my new condo and can only say I would highly recommend both you and Andrew to anyone I know who is looking for quality realtors to find a home. Thanks again! - Steve Rosenblatt – Owner, The Spectrum Companies

Heather Glotzer was our agent when my husband and I were looking for a rental in the downtown financial district. She asked all of the right questions about our needs and our situation so that the inventory she showed us would be appropriate. As such, we only saw apartments that we would actually consider - no wasted time and no nonsense. Heather is the consummate professional - very sincere and a pleasure to work with. Within days, she had shown us several apartments, all within our price range, and all with the amenities we were looking for. By the end of the first week, we had a signing date scheduled. We are thrilled with our new apartment and are telling friends that it was hands-down the easiest search for housing we have ever had in our thirty-plus years living in New York City. I would recommend Heather without question. - P. Schaefer

Heather was by far the best realtor that you can work with! She puts her client’s interests before her own and works very hard to find the perfect place. Moving into NYC can be stressful, but working with her will definitely make the entire process easier. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to find a place in NYC. - T. Tahsin

I couldn't be more elated with my experience with Elegran, and in particular with my representative agent Heather G. This was my second time working with an agent in NYC. Heather went above and beyond my expectations and did so with such impeccable grace. While traveling the pressured situations and the convoluted paths of the real estate world, Heather was able to navigate the turbulence without batting an eyelash. She is honest, straight-forward, reliable, and knowledgeable. While working with Heather and her associates at Elegran, I never felt pressured and that is a priceless feeling in the world of real estate. I'm looking forward to utilizing Heather and her team at Elegran for all of my future needs. - A. Brody

When I learned I was attending medical school at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Harlem, my first emotion was that of extreme excitement. After that initial excitement wore off, I became horrified at the thought of apartment hunting in New York City. I had no idea where to even begin so I checked Craigslist and found some real estate agents online and made an appointment. The real estate agent was basically useless as he just moved to NY and didn’t really know anything about the different neighborhoods, or the proper questions to ask. I then asked my grandfather for some assistance. He put me in contact with Heather Glotzer from Elegran Real Estate and my apartment hunting experience drastically improved. Heather is the epitome of what a real estate agent should be. The first day I met her I knew that she was the only agent I wanted to work with until I found an apartment. She is extremely diligent as she constantly searched the databases and made appointments for new listings to show me. She has a wealth of information about the various neighborhoods in Manhattan and I felt as if all of my questions could be answered. In addition, it is obvious that she truly cares about her clients. She was extremely adamant about finding a place that I would be happy with and that would be a good fit for me and my situation. I was able to contact her whenever I needed to and she was constantly checking in with me to ensure that I was fully informed throughout the entire process. She has continued to contact me even post least signing in order to make sure everything has been going smoothly and that my move-in went well. From now on, if anyone asks me if I know a real estate agent in New York City, with no hesitation at all I will be giving them Heather’s contact information. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that together we would find an amazing apartment for me. In the end, that is exactly what happened and I couldn’t be happier. - I. Stein

Heather came to us through an online referral as we were looking to connect with a no-fee broker who specializes in Manhattan real estate. Because of her super responsive, personable, and highly educated NYC rental market background, we were able to close a deal on an apartment within two days. Even though this was clearly one of the units we wanted to pass on due to location, she was keen on showing us based on our list of requirements. Without her expertise and knowledge, this NYC rental search would've lasted significantly longer than two days. Thank you Heather for your expert assistance and dedication to customer satisfaction. - M. Nemeth & D. Horgan

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