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Born in New York City, Brandon inherited the characteristics of a multi-cultural environment. By learning to connect with a diverse group of individuals, Brandon has developed strong interpersonal skills that allow him to see value from anyone’s perspective. The simple concept of caring is the secret to Brandon’s ability to find his customers not just an apartment, condo or co-op but most importantly a HOME. When asked what he loves most about real estate, he said “ I work day and night for one moment. The moment I leave my client in their new home with the biggest smile on their face. Knowing that I was able to find a home for a client is what keeps me in the real estate business."

Brandon began his real estate career with REIS Inc. as a research analyst, analyzing transactional sales and lead generation throughout the U.S. market. After 7 months of covering market trends and transactions, Brandon found his own niche in the market covering portfolio sales. Growing up as a tech-savvy individual, Brandon developed a database that would allow him to efficiently track and record financial and analytical details for each portfolio sale. From there, Brandon carved his path to a newly created position with REIS and was promoted to portfolio research analyst. Brandon became the youngest employee to be promoted three times in one year with REIS. After his experience with REIS Brandon quickly fell in love with real estate and developed his passion to work with clients on a one to one relationship, which lead to him joining the Elegran team.

When Brandon is not in the office he is with family and friends enjoying everything the world has to offer. He loves snowboarding during the season and enjoys water sports in the summer. Brandon is most passionate about keeping an open mind and learning more about the various cultures that surround him everyday. When asked what he does to achieve the highest level of success he said, “Putting myself in other individual's shoes really opens up my mind to so many unique perspectives on life which allows me to see my client’s true value from all angles. For me, this is the most fascinating part of the job."

Address Beds Baths SQ ft Price
152 Underhill Road 5 3.5 N/A
50 W 30th Street 2 2 1,274
251 West 89th Street 3 3 N/A
104 Charlton Avenue 3 2.5 N/A
480 Park Avenue 1 1 N/A
250 W 89th Street 1 1 N/A
433 East 51st Street 1 2 N/A
325 Lexington Ave 0 1 500
111 Montgomery Street 1 1 N/A
245 East 72nd Street 0 1 N/A
Address Beds Baths SQ ft Price
Grand Tier: 1930 Broadway, Apt 19C 2 2.5 1,600
VIA: 625 W 57th Street, APT 1718 2 2.5 1,300
7 W 21st Street, APT 3I 2 2 N/A
Abington House: 500 W 30th Street, Apt 28J 2 2 N/A
American Copper Building: 626 First Avenue, APT E20H 2 2 N/A
235 W 48th Street 2 2 N/A
242 W 53rd Street, Apt 55-J 1 1 N/A
37 Wall Street, PH-E 2 2 N/A
Lucerne: 350 E 79th Street, APT 7J 2 2 1,000
Sierra: 130 W 15th Street, APT 12N 1 1 N/A
151 East 80th Street 2 2 N/A
House 39: 225 E 39th Street, APT 6A 2 2 N/A
19 Dutch Street, Apt 51-A 1 1 N/A
160 Madison Avenue, APT 29-F 1 1 N/A
Hawthorne Park: 160 W 62nd Street, APT 41B 1 1 N/A
335 Carroll Street 2 2 N/A
Aalto57: 1065 Second Avenue, APT 15H 1 1 N/A
American Copper Building: 626 First Avenue, Apt 41E 1 1 N/A
American Copper Building: 626 First Avenue, APT E-18G 1 1 N/A
Frontier: 200 E 39th Street, APT 8A 1 1 N/A
325 Fifth Avenue, APT 16A 2 2 1,276
American Copper Building: 626 First Avenue, APT E-24D 1 1 N/A
American Copper Building: 626 First Avenue, APT E-16C 1 1 N/A
19 Dutch Street, Apt 9-I 1 1 N/A
Aire: 200 W 67th Street, APT 41B 1 1 N/A
Instrata Nomad: 10 E 29th Street, APT27D 1 1 N/A
Belmont: 320 East 46th Street, APT 22-H 1 1 N/A
Crystal Green: 330 W 39th Street, APT 24B 2 2 N/A
Hawthorne Park: 160 W 62nd Street, Apt 16C 1 1 N/A
The Eugene: 435 W 31st Street, APT 17N 1 1 N/A
Vanguard Chelsea: 77 W 24th Street, APT 30D 1 1 N/A
Regent: 45 W 60th Street, Apt 35C 1 1 N/A
535 W 43rd Street, Apt 1A 1 1 N/A
40 E 89th Street, Apt 17C 1 1 N/A
Tower 67: 145 W 67th Street, Apt 34K 1 1.5 N/A
American Copper Building: 626 First Avenue, APT E-17C 0 1 N/A
160 Madison Ave, APT 33-H 0 1 N/A
Truffles Tribeca: 34 Desbrosses Street, APT 1106 1 1 750
Yorkshire Towers: 305-315 E 86th Street, Apt 9DE 1 1 N/A
The Caroline: 60 W 23rd Street, APT 1508 1 1 700
320 W 38th Street, Apt 1724 1 1 N/A
411 E 12th Street, Apt 2 2 1 N/A
Eugene: 435 W 31st Street, APT 38E 0 1 N/A
215 E 96th Street, Apt 5P 1 1 750
Anthem: 222 East 34th Street, APT 725 1 1 N/A
The Max: 606 W 57th Street, APT 1928 1 1 N/A
Continental: 885 Sixth Avenue, Apt 20G 1 1 N/A
Paramount Tower: 240 E 39th Street, APT 27E 1 1 N/A
Paramount Tower: 240 E 39th Street, APT 42J 1 1 N/A
420 W 23rd Street, Apt 8A 1 1 N/A
The Grayson: 247 E 28th Street, APT 11B 1 1 N/A
445 W 35th Street, Apt 5M 0 1 N/A
Crystal Green: 330 W 39th Street,APT 26C 1 1 N/A
Ivy Tower: 350 W 43, Apt 39B 2 1 N/A
203 W 22nd Street, Apt 3 1 1 N/A
Anthem: 222 E 34th Street, APT 1907 1 1 N/A
Anthem: 222 East 34th Street, APT 1219 1 1 N/A
Emerald Green: 320 W 38th Street, APT 914 1 1 N/A
351 East 84th Street 1 1 N/A
Plaza East: 340 E 34th Street, Apt 4F 1 1 N/A
Regent: 45 W 60th Street, APT 10G 1 1 N/A
Bamford: 333 E 56th Street, APT 6C 1 1 N/A
600 Washington Street, Apt 321 0 1 474
234 Mott Street, Apt 22 1 1 N/A
The Biltmore: 155 E 29th Street, Apt 28J 1 1 N/A
SKY: 605 W 42nd Street, APT 48-T 0 1 N/A
Ocean West: 1 West Street, APT 3218 1 1 N/A
The Somerset: 1365 York Avenue, Apt 5H 1 1 N/A
250 W 85th Street, APT 15J 1 1 N/A
21 West End Avenue, APT 15A 0 1 N/A
New York Tower: 330 E 39th Street, APT 16N 1 1 N/A
101 West End Avenue, Apt 6U 0 1 N/A
The Max: 606 W 57th Street, Apt 515 0 1 N/A
70 Pine Street, APT 1201 0 1 N/A
Ava Highline: 525 W 28th Street, Apt 1157 0 1 N/A
The Cambridge: 500 E 85th Street, APT 8G 1 1 N/A
Murray Hill Manor: 166 E 34th Street, APT 8L 1 1 N/A
300 Albany St, 4E 1 1 N/A
240 East 86th Street 0 1 N/A
211 E 35th Street, APT 2G 1 1 N/A
Flatiron 18: 30 W 18th Street, Apt 3B 0 1 N/A
The Helena: 601 W 57th Street, APT 5C 0 1 N/A
20 Exchange Place, APT 1522 0 1 N/A
143 W 126th Street, Apt 3R 1 1 N/A


Going into the situation of looking for a new apartment during COVID seemed like it was going to be a significant challenge. And looking by ourselves that was proving to be the case. When Brandon reached out, he was able to quickly identify properties that checked every box on our list. Something that had become a weeks long search was completed within 3 days with Brandon’s assistance. We just signed our lease and couldn’t be happier. - Nicholas & Sheryl C. Brandon was referred to me from a mutual friend to help on my rental search. I have two roommates that were very adamant about not paying a fee, so I was skeptical from the start. The second I spoke with Brandon I knew that if I was going to find the best apartment it would be with him. He not only knew the inventory for each neighborhood, but explained to us the pros and cons for renting in each location. Brandon stuck with us all the way and always made sure we wouldn’t pay a fee on “No Fee” apartments. Unfortunately our current building offered us a great deal to renew so we were not able to transact with him, I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to rent or purchase in NYC. - Mathew R. I connected with Brandon after receiving a job offer in the city. He was knowledgeable, persistent and timely with his follow ups. Even though I ultimately ended up staying in North Carolina, he was respectful and great to work with throughout the process. Would definitely contact Brandon again if my career takes me to NY in the future. - Rob R. Amazing at exhaustively searching for the perfect home then advising on how to negotiate. We headed out to find a location throughout 3 weekends. Brandon tailored the search to what we were looking for, quickly fine-tuned it, then supported us throughout the whole negotiation process. - Paul M. I truly can't recommend Brandon enough for any and all real estate needs!! The Manhattan real estate market is infamously daunting for a reason, yet Brandon was able to make the process so incredibly EASY and enjoyable. I was always able to get into contact with him, and he was so flexible for property viewings. Additionally, he expertly negotiated and formed a good relationship with the building I ended up choosing, and even kept in contact after we moved in to insure we were happy with our rental. He was an enjoyable, hard-working, honest broker that I look forward to using again for any future moves! - Alexa D. Brandon was a pleasure to deal with. He is very attentive and always answers his phone and texts. The process from looking at the apartment, signing the lease and moving in was seamless. Even after moving in, Brandon helped with a number of issues with building management. I would highly recommend him. - Jonathan K. LOVELY GENTLEMAN he is! SO sweet, accommodating, flexible. Helped me TREMENDOUSLY to buy my apartment in Manhattan. Hard-worker-- got my board package done FAST. Works well with the other persons on my team like my real estate lawyer and bank mortgage broker. I HIGHLY recommend Brandon for all your real estate needs! - Michelle C. Brandon was persistent to find us an apartment as we needed something specific immediately. He left no corner unturned until he found it. Very pleasant to deal with Thanks Brandon. - Laura Brandon found me the perfect apt. Quick, smart, highly effective negotiation skills. I highly recommend him if you don't have time to loose and are searching for quality. - Silvia Brandon found the perfect rental listing for me in Manhattan and handled the negotiations and follow-through steps. Every point of communication from beginning to end with Brandon was the highest professional service. He is the best of the best and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to rent or purchase a residence in New York City. - Anna Brandon was extremely helpful in the search for my apartment as he actually listened to me and my roommate in what we wanted. We both have moved around the city for the past four years and wanted to find an apartment that we knew we could stay for years to come and really call a place home. Brandon knew what we were looking for and didn't waste our time showing us places that he knew weren't right for us. Brandon is extremely knowledgable and well spoken and will tell you straight up if a place is a good fit. We have already referred many of our friends to him and will remind them when they plan on moving. When we decide it's time for us to move on from this home we are currently at and find a new one, I'm sure our first call will be to Brandon. - Matt Brandon was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable throughout our whole apartment hunt process from start to finish. He came up with an extensive list of apartments within our price point that hit every single one of my criteria for an apartment. He truly wants what is best for you. He's very supportive in every step: he gives great advice when viewing apartments, negotiates concessions that are in your best interest, and helps facilitate the whole application process. Overall, I would definitely recommend him and work with him again! - Allison Y. Best experience we’ve ever had with a broker. Brandon exhibited an impressive mix of professionalism, personality and market expertise. By the end of the process, he felt more like a friend than a broker, and he got us a great result. Would absolutely recommend. - John G. My husband and I needed to rent a 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartment in NYC when my husband's job took him here. My first instinct was to just find an apartment using Street Easy, since I used to live in New York.. But luckily my husband's sanity prevailed, and we started working with Brandon. Brandon is amazing. He really cared about us as people, and he wasn't interested in just getting us into an apartment. After seeing a ton of apartments in a very short amount of time, Brandon found us the perfect place in a wonderful building, and we are so happy here. I could not have found this place myself, and Brandon knew all the players and knew exactly how to get us the apartment. He did a great job for us. And he's a genuinely great guy and a lot fun to spend time with. We would 100% work with him again, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to rent or buy a place in NYC. - jpcapozzi I had a great experience with Brandon. He was helpful, knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to put me in the best apartment possible. I would definitely recommend him. - Tyler L. Brandon was a huge help in coordinating my move. He showed me some great options for my budget that I never would have found otherwise. He also communicated with the staff of each building and got me terrific concessions. Overall, he made the process so much easier. - Max I just moved to New York and wanted to find a place that my sister and I could both live in. Brandon helped my sister sublease her current apartment and found us a new one to share. He had a very quick response time and was flexible with our hectic schedules. I have nothing to complain about! He made the process as easy as possible for us. We will definitely be requesting his help the next time we move. Thank you Brandon! - Bella Brandon was well prepared and a great advocate to get you the best apartment at the best price. There were items I wouldn't have thought to think of, and he had a handle on all of it. Highly recommend. - Lucia Brandon acted as our broker to secure a lease in the Lincoln Square area of the Upper West Side. He is very knowledgeable about the market, not just in this location, but in other areas as well. Brandon is personable and responsive in every way. He makes a considered effort to carefully understand your specific preferences and sensibilities, and tailors his selected viewings appropriately, thereby saving time in the process. He also is tireless in his approach to finding you the right apartment. Lastly, and something that is often an overlooked quality that clients should greatly value, Brandon is professional and respectful to, and well-liked by, his professional peers such as apartment-based leasing consultants and other brokers; their cooperation and receptivity is often a key factor in getting timely access. I warmly recommend him without qualification. He is outstanding. - Marc Brandon was extremely helpful to me and my girlfriend throughout the entire process of renting our apartment. He showed us numerous buildings, including some we were not aware were available, and was consistently honest with us about the pros and cons of the different areas we were looking. Having never lived in NYC before, having someone with Brandon's expertise was very meaningful and kept me at ease during the whole process. He was able to negotiate a considerable discount with the landlord, and was always extremely responsive whenever I would call, text or email. I would recommend Brandon to anyone who is looking for an apartment in NYC! - Michael M. Brandon was a real support and help when we arrived in NYC from Paris - he explained us how the rental market operates in NYC and helped us thoughout the entire process of renting a place.
He proposed many listing to us which allowed us to better understand the market and our expectations. Thanks to his dedication and time we found a place really quick. Brandon is highly skilled and his knowledge of the rental market is impressive. His resiliance gave us the opportunity to have really good conditions with the landlord. I would definitely recommend you to work with Brandon when it comes to find your place in NYC.
- Maelle M.
Thank you so much for all your help finding us a great apartment. You really listened to both Marc and I and fully understood what each of us was looking for. You searched with us in the pouring rain and blistering sun without missing a beat and always with a smile. We are thrilled with the end result! You have great instincts about your clients, a keen knowledge of NYC real estate and are an absolute pleasure to work with. I have no doubt you will carve out a very successful path for yourself. - Judy Brandon was extremely helpful to me and my girlfriend throughout the entire process of renting our apartment. He showed us numerous buildings, including some we were not aware were available, and was consistently honest with us about the pros and cons of the different areas we were looking. Having never lived in NYC before, having someone with Brandon's expertise was very meaningful and kept me at ease during the whole process. He was able to negotiate a considerable discount with the landlord, and was always extremely responsive whenever I would call, text or email. I would recommend Brandon to anyone who is looking for an apartment in NYC. - Mike Brandon was absolutely amazing in helping us find the perfect apartment! We were moving from Amsterdam to New York and it was not an easy move, particularly given that I had to start my new job right away. I spoke to Brandon from Amsterdam and I could immediately tell that he took the time to listen and understand our needs and we was 100% client-oriented. He was extremely flexible in setting up viewings for us and worked around our chaotic schedule, sacrificing his own personal time. He was super efficient in terms of viewing suggestions - we picked the second flat we saw out of three (from past experience I know that viewing too many flats can be confusing and frustrating!) He also accurately considered the timeline of when we should view flats vs. when we needed to move in. As we were expats moving to the US for the first time, Brandon ensured that the building we chose was flexible with the required documentation, making it a stress-free lease application. The whole process was extremely smooth and I would highly recommend Brandon to help you find your apartment! - Tara With everything squared away with my new apartment, I just wanted to extend a sincere thanks to you for all you have done to make this move possible. From the very first email I sent you, through to move-in and beyond, your responsiveness and understanding has been so vital to my own personal sanity. Dealing with an impossible landlord was not fun for any of us, but you navigated the process beautifully on both sides, and somehow managed to help me stay calm and completely protected throughout. As a fellow agent (albeit in theater, not real estate), the way that you represented me in this process serves as a model for how I hope to represent my own clients. And please rest assured that when it comes time for me to rent or buy my next apartment, you will be my first call. Selfishly, I would kindly request that you not leave New York for that reason. Thank you again for everything. Hope to see you in the neighborhood soon! - Kevin L. We are extremely grateful to Brandon for his dedication and tenacity in helping us find an apartment that we are very happy with. Brandon took the time upfront to understand our criteria and preferences, and proceeded to do a thorough research of all viable options and explained to us the pros and cons and nuances of all the options, and teach us all that we needed to understand on the NY rental market. We had just arrived from LA and had one week to visit places and decide. Brandon caved out of most of the week for us which we really appreciated given how busy he is. By the end of the week we were comfortable and excited with our decision. Very smooth and successful process, and we would highly recommend Brandon! - Andrew C. Brandon is an awesomely efficient, considerate, and personable agent who will get things done for you. I sought out his help on short notice, with a fairly restrictive timeline, and he was able to land me a great apartment, as well as walk me through all the procedural steps we had to go through. Brandon has a knack for locating a space that matches your preferences, environment-wise and budget-wise. He's always available in case you need anything and has a great attitude. I highly recommend Brandon for anyone seeking a reliable and friendly agent! - Winston K. I was organizing a move from Washington, DC to Manhattan and was panicking because I had not secured an apartment. From the moment that I called Brandon, he exemplified amazing customer service and professionalism. Within 2 weeks, he had found me the perfect brownstone in Harlem minutes away from the station for my commute. He also connected me with a move in company and made sure everything was perfect for the transition. I would refer his services to anyone looking for a home in Manhattan. I would hire him again in an instant. - Acacia S. Brandon went above and beyond to help us secure the perfect apartment (in face of some pretty tough requirements). He was unequivocally professional throughout the whole process and attentive to every question and query, enabling a seamless search and contract execution. I will be sending a recommendation to my network of UWS moms (5000 members). - Gemma B. I worked with Brandon for the past two weeks while I was looking for a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. He was so sweet, easy to talk to, and was such a pleasure to work with! He was incredibly polite and professional throughout all of our communication and apartment visits. He was on time and followed up regularly with new listings and always listened to my feedback. I felt like Brandon really wanted to help me find the right place and never wasted my time showing me apartments that didn't fit my guidelines. I'd be happy to work with him again sometime! - Valgerdur N. Working with Brandon made apartment searching fun and efficient! He took the time to really understand what I was looking for in an apartment instead of just bringing me all over to showings. He was knowledgeable about the options out there, the process, and was helpful in pointing out things I would not have noticed. I ended up taking Brandon's first suggestion, which goes to show how well he able to match clients and apartments, and he guided me through the entire leasing process. - Jennifer K. My husband and I were first introduced to Brandon Babel following his colleague's initiative, (Sebastian Opalko) in joining forces to subletting our current apartment. Brandon from day one appeared to have a firm understanding of the local real estate market while aptly acting as our advocate and providing us with honest feedback at all times. What is remarkable is that Bradon has the aptitude to connect and collaborate with people from all levels and backgrounds in a seamless execution even when the clients are not primarily his to begin with. Most importantly, Brandon knows when to follow a lead and when to take charge of the situation without overstepping. Also, unlike most real estate agents Brandon veers off from the ‘sales’ and ‘pushy’ mode and will genuinely offer his professional opinion in a pragmatic approach. He not only pays attention to detail but he can mirror the client’s communication style so the client can feel more comfortable. Equally, Brandon can advise but at the same time can assist with any real estate or home related issue and that is a sign of his deep appreciation for the real estate industry and his level of commitment to his profession. I can confidently say that despite his young years, Brandon manages to emulate the qualities of being a problem solver, committed, hard working and honest individual who conducts himself in such a mature way that without a doubt these qualities will see him thrive in this business environment and potentially set him apart from other colleagues in the future in an entrepreneurial way. My husband and I would definitely like to work with Brandon Babel again, should another opportunity arise again in the future and I highly recommend his services to others. - Markella K. We were told to be very skeptical of NYC brokers. So we were. But when we were connected with Brandon, he had a genuiness about him that started to put cracks in our skepticism. Especially when he transparently explained how the whole “brokerage fee” thing worked. Once we understood that for most of the buildings we saw, they’d be paying the broker, this further enabled us to drop our guard and trust Brandon. Whenever this didn’t apply, Brandon was always upfront and clear about it. Brandon took our criteria and made sure he shortlisted the best possible buildings for us. Round 1 was not successful, so Brandon went back to the drawing board and took several hours to take us around to a whole bunch of buildings. We landed up finding a good apt, but there were complications, ranging from pet documentation, to leaseholder issues, to navigating the guarantor process. Brandon helped us through it all. At all hours of the day and night. He genuinely couldn’t be more helpful. We felt like he was totally in our corner and would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a place around NYC - Keith Brandon was so helpful in helping us find our apartment in NYC (for the second time)! He’s extremely responsive and had the answers to all of our questions. I will use Brandon in the future and recommend him to others. - Emma D. Brandon was exceptional in helping us find an apartment. Even while we were stuck in quarantine, unable to see any units, we found an incredible apartment that fit our lifestyle and budget - thanks to him! He negotiated prices with the building on multiple accounts, and eventually found the perfect living situation for us. I will use him again! - Blake S. Going into the situation of looking for a new apartment during COVID seemed like it was going to be a significant challenge. And looking by ourselves that was proving to be the case. When Brandon reached out, he was able to quickly identify properties that checked every box on our list. Something that had become a weeks long search was completed within 3 days with Brandon’s assistance. We just signed our lease and couldn’t be happier. - Chris K.

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