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Kevin Huang is ranked as a top global real estate advisor, providing strategic real estate advice to his clients using a data-driven, and relationship management approach. Kevin is consistently ahead of the curve and his market knowledge is vast. He is a savvy negotiator and has a strong track record of successful execution. Kevin works diligently for his clients and considers them first priority.

Kevin’s business and investing background and fluency in Mandarin Chinese allows him to incorporate these valuable skills as a value-added proposition for his clients. He provides buyers and sellers with integrity and acts as a fully dedicated and knowledgeable advisor.

Prior to real estate, Kevin served as an analyst at a multi-strategy investment fund and as a senior consultant at a top management consultancy advising Fortune 50 executives. Kevin is actively involved in his community and donates to Apex for Youth, a non-profit organization focused on serving and mentoring underprivileged Asian youth in New York City.

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$3,500,000 exclusive

15 Union Square West, APT 8C Condominium in Flatiron  

2 Bedrooms
2.5 Bathrooms
1,763 Square FT

Welcome to PH8C! This apartment is one of the most unique and sought after 2 bed / 2.5 bath split bedroom apartments located in downtown Manhattan and compl...

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$749,000 in contract

Block Hall, APT 2E Condominium in Financial District  

1 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
698 Square FT

Perfect for the first-time home buyer or Investor! This true one bedroom + 12 ft loft-like ceilings for < $1M in the heart of the Financial District is one o...

Address Beds Baths SQ ft Price
19 East 88th Street, PH-D 3 2 N/A
15 East 26th Street, Apt 9E 3 3.5 N/A
70 Henry St, Townhouse 3 3 3,454
360 East 89th Street, Apt 17C 2 2 N/A
845 United Nations, Apt 25E 2 2.5 1,592
25 Park Row, 12C 2 2 1,281
845 West End Avenue, Apt 3B 2 2 N/A
200 East 95th Street, Apt 5C 2 2 N/A
389 East 89 Street, Apt 25B 2 2 N/A
9 East 96th St, Apt 6B 2 3 N/A
212 Warren St, Apt 5N 2 2 N/A
211 East 13th St, Apt 2J 1 1 N/A
77 West 55th Street, Apt 16B 2 2 N/A
166 W. 18th St., Apt 7D 1 1 844
184 Kent Avenue, Apt D313 2 2 N/A
330 East 38th Street, Apt 38P 1 1 N/A
15 William Street, Apt 45J 1 2 N/A
591 Third Avenue, Apt 5B 1 1 N/A
15 William Street, Duplex 1 1 2 N/A
239 East 79th Street, Apt 3L 2 2 N/A
15 William Street, Apt 40G 1 1 N/A
5-19 Borden Avenue, Apt 8J 2 2 N/A
11-35 45TH AVENUE 2 2 958
St. James Condo | 415 East 54th St, Apt 11E 1 1.5 991
389 East 89th Street, Apt 14B 1 1 731
389 East 89th Street, Apt 7B 1 1 731
389 East 89th Street, Apt 11F 1 1 729
389 East 89th Street, Apt 12B 1 1 731
3 Hanover Square, Apt 3D 1 1 N/A
Carnegie Park | 200 E 94th St. Apt 225 1 1 729
212 East 47th Street, Apt PHD 1 1 N/A
250 West 16th St, Apt 3C 1 1 N/A
170 West 23rd St, Apt 5P 1 1 N/A
210 West 78th Street, Apt 9D 1 1 N/A
303 E. 33rd St. Apt 5J 0 1 546
25 West 13th Street, Apt 3PN 0 1 N/A
225 Rector Place, Apt 4E 0 1 N/A
345 West 55th St, Apt 5H 1 1 N/A
838 Greenwich St. Apt 3A 1 1 N/A
530 Grand St, Apt F10C 1 1 N/A
The Wilshire | 301 E 75th St. Apt 7G 1 1 565
153 East 57th Street, Apt 15F 0 1 N/A
332 E 77TH ST, APT 7 1 1 N/A
424 West 46th St. Apt 1D 1 1 N/A
Address Beds Baths SQ ft Price
45 East 22nd St, Apt 46a 3 3 2,467
222 West 80th Street, Apt 4C 3 3 N/A
100 Barclay Street Unit 29C 4 4 N/A
15 East 26th Street, Apt 19D 3 3.5 N/A
15 Union Square West, PH8C 2 2 1,736
The Park Imperial | 230 W. 56th St. Apt. 56C 2 2 N/A
The Park Imperial | 230 West 56th St Apt 56B 2 2 N/A
360 East 89th St, Apt 17C 2 2.5 N/A
Cassa Hotel & Residences | 515 Ninth Avenue Apt. 11H 2 2 N/A
Element Condominium | 555 W. 59th Street Apt. 11F 2 2 N/A
200 West End Ave, Apt 10A 2 2 N/A
One Riverside Park | 50 Riverside Blvd, Apt 5U 2 2 N/A
160 Madison Avenue, Apt 29C 2 2 N/A
The Anthem | 222 E. 34 Street Apt. 1429 2 2 N/A
Cassa Hotel & Residences | 515 Ninth Avenue Apt. 7G 1 1 N/A
435 West 31st Street, Apt 37B 1 1 N/A
L'Ecole Condominium | 212 E 47th St. Apt 15G 2 2 N/A
Halcyon Condominium | 301 E 51st, Apt 18C 1 1 N/A
211 East 13th St, 2J 1 1 N/A
189 Bridge Street, Apt 14B 2 2 N/A
180 Claremont Ave Apt. #62 4 3 N/A
7 West 21st Street, Apt 602 0 1 N/A
389 East 89th St, Apt 14B 1 1 N/A
Paramount Tower | 240 E. 39th St. Apt 51J 1 1 N/A
555 West 23rd St., Apt S15C 1 1 N/A
The Anthem | 222 E. 34 Street Apt. 703 1 1 N/A
1 Duffield Street Apt 105 1 1 N/A
189 Bridge Street, Apt 14C 1 1.5 N/A
200 East 89th St, Apt 25D 1 1 N/A
SKY | 605 West 42nd Street Apt. 23R 1 1 N/A
45 Wall Street Apt. 2312 1 1 N/A
The Vaux Condominium | 372 Central Park West Apt. 20Y 1 1 N/A
100 Maiden Lane Apt. 2301 1 1 N/A


Kevin, we had a great experience overall and are very satisfied with the purchase. As we embarked on this process, we had limited idea about the Manhattan housing landscape and the buying process (which was quite unique indeed!). We appreciate all the info and guidance you provided throughout the process – very methodical and organized.
We were impressed with your knowledge from the very first call with you. We appreciate the time you took to understand what we were looking for and steering us in the right direction – exactly what we were hoping for in our broker. We want to thank you sincerely for going out of your way in helping us out when things had to be taken care of in a hurry and we were unable to get to the City.
We truly enjoyed your pleasant, friendly, and professional manner throughout. We hope to continue our relationship and friendship in the future. For our next transaction in the City, we certainly have our broker identified!
- Ayushman
Impressed with Kevin from the outset. Very responsive, knowledgable and genuinely concerned with finding you the right property. Was first NYC property lease and his guidance was invaluable. Highly recommend. - Craig B. Kevin was an exceptional agent. He was responsible, thoughtful, responsive, and patient. As a first time buyer, I needed a lot of help and he was always readily available to answer any and all questions I had. We ran into many hiccups along the way, but he never lost his patience and helped us through every issue, thinking of creative solutions. One of us was abroad during the process, with a 12 hour time difference, and Kevin made himself available at all hours to keep things moving. I will definitely be recommending Kevin to anyone I know who is interested in buying. - Nicole O. I met Mr. Kevin Huang one year ago. As the licensed real estate agent, he helped me with my “First Time” condo purchase in the upper east in Manhattan.
Kevin’s professional know-how, quick responses for any concerns & questions and always decent attitude are very impressive. I appreciate his efforts, time and advice to finalize each step before, during and after closing. Especially, during the walk through and closing time period, Kevin gave great support to ensure a smooth transaction.
Furthermore, he helped in introducing a good housing insurance company and followed up with the details until making the deal. As I am aboard, he has offered to assist with utility name changing, setting up internet and furnishing the apartment. As Kevin is the most responsible, quickest reactive and intelligent agent whom I have never met before, I believe that he is the best person for my future request for renting and purchasing new property. Looking forward to purchasing the 2nd property under Kevin’s continuous assistance in the near future!
- Michael X.
I have worked with Kevin for about two months in looking for the ideal apartment for my living in Manhattan. He has showed me around on different chosen apartments fitting into my budget. Later on, after I chose the target apartment to buy, he also have worked very hard on preparing the documents needed for the coop board review on my eligibility as a buyer.
His work can be described as polite, friendly, asking all questions needed to be asked, and showing up on time each time at the meeting place. When dealing with the sellers or seller's agents, he always dressed up in a neat and stylish fashion, wore a nice smile and talked to them with a friendly attitude. He seems in every way a professional real-estate broker should be. I truly wish him much success in his professional life in the future.
- WaiTong Lau PhD
I've had the pleasure of Kevin helping me buy my first condo in New York City . Unlike other brokers, he leverages on his investing background and makes me look at the property not just as a place of residence but also as a great long term investment. He's very polished and has the soft skills required in working with different parties in getting any deal done. - Rohan V Kevin assisted me purchasing my second home in Manhattan earlier this year. It was a very pleasant experience working with Kevin. He is knowledgeable and explains clearly what the processes are and what I need to do. This makes my life much easier, in particular given my busy hours. He is very professional and someone I can trust. There were some bumps during the closing process as my attorney's assistant is not very responsive. I almost lost the deal. But Kevin has gone beyond and was able to help me renegotiate and get my attorney back to do what they were supposed to do. He is also very friendly and makes your experience working with him enjoyable. Overall, it was a great experience working with Kevin and will be happy to work with him again! - Chuang Y Dear Elegran - I consider myself a very lucky person because, over the past 8 months (that's right, 8 long months), I've been taken care of by Kevin Huang. Kevin was referred to me from a mutual friend, who had the highest praises for him. Since I was a first-time homebuyer, I was a nervous wreck in need of a topnotch broker. Kevin was just that guy who patiently guided me through each and every step of the way, from open house inquiries to the intricacies of the application paperwork. Anyone can get a job done, but Kevin's work ethic and professionalism cannot be underrated or unspoken of. Right off the bat, Kevin was always punctual with appointments regardless of which apartment we were visiting. He also did his homework; knowing which questions to ask, what small details to pay attention to, what the neighborhood offered, and understanding my needs or wants. Kevin had a good sense of the market and how hot/cold each apartment was in terms of offers. Most importantly, Kevin's friendly demeanor, honesty, and aptitude helped me trust him from the get-go. He made it a point to let me know that he had my back 24/7. You usually don't find this great of a person on your first attempt, especially not with something as chaotic or monumental as buying a home. So give him a raise, a promotion, and/or a really good bonus. Whatever you do, don't lose him. Kevin has the gift to put you at ease, make things look seamless, while juggling other clients simultaneously. He's what I call the Stephen Curry of Real Estate. He probably has the same wardrobe as Stephen Curry too. And now that I've moved into my new apartment, I sure feel like the Golden State (Oakland).
- Stephen S
Kevin is a consummate professional who advocated for my interests in every stage of purchasing my apartment. He drove the process of identifying the apartment that best suited my needs, managing the negotiation with the sponsors, helping me secure financing, and managing correspondence with lawyers and other intermediaries through closing. Kevin is responsible, incredibly responsive, and thoughtful in his approach to our relationship. In a nearly year-long process, Kevin negotiated a very favorable price on the apartment, successfully had the sponsor agree to more favorable terms on my purchase contract, and personally accompanied me on my final walk through where he tested every single electric outlet in the unit (one actually had to be replaced). This is a true testament to Kevin’s thorough approach and attitude toward his clients. I cannot think of a better real estate professional and would without hesitation recommend him to anyone in the market for a trusted advisor. - Eddie H I've lived in NYC since 2007 and have moved around quite a bit (5 different properties). During my last move, I worked with two brokers from two other agencies, neither of whom could find an apartment that fit the exact criteria I was looking for. After a month of fruitlessly fumbling around, a friend of mine introduced me to Kevin Huang at Elegran. Kevin was by far the most professional, responsive, and considerate real estate broker that I've ever worked with in NYC. He helped find me find exactly what I was looking for at a price that was BELOW my budget. That's unheard of. I can't recommend Kevin with more enthusiasm. - Yinan Z Kevin Huang from Elegran is the first broker my husband and I reached out to when we started our apartment searching in Manhattan, and he is great! He helped us find a lovely apartment in upper west side, and we love it! Kevin is patient, considerate, quite responsive to my emails and calls, and very efficient in preparing all the paperworks during our application process. Last but not least -- he can also speak fluent Chinese, which is quite a bonus. - Chulan Q. Truly a great experience renting my first apartment in NYC with Elegran. Fresh out of college with no idea what I am doing, my agent, Kevin Huang, guided me through the entire process from start to finish. He was very responsive to all emails, calls, and text messages and was there for all my appointments. Thank You Kevin! - David L. Kevin Huang was essential to my NYC rental search. I was relocating from Denver with little knowledge of the New York rental market. My detailed preferences and unique situation as a student-veteran using the GI Bill made the apartment search challenging. Kevin’s resourcefulness and extensive knowledge of residential properties within the Financial District procured many options that worked with my situation while exceeding my expectations.
Kevin dedicated a substantial amount of time from his busy schedule to ensure that I had seen all of my options and provided his perspective openly to help me make the best possible decision. Within a very short amount of time we had identified the perfect property for me and began the leasing process.
Throughout my experience as Kevin’s client he made suggestions about discovering New York fine-dining, culture and entertainment. He went above and beyond his role as my broker to be an ambassador of the city and offer his help with my transition after my move. He believes that his job is not done just because the lease is signed.
I could not have found such a great place without Kevin from Elegran Real Estate. He consistently worked to see my point of view and make the process a personal experience. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others and look forward to working with him in the future.
- Brice T.

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