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Peter Oliveri, a native New Yorker, entered into residential real estate with a bang – breaking all rookie sales records for his company and has remained a top producer ever since. To top it off he achieved all of these accomplishments during a down market. His genuine love for the business combined with his superior ability to interpret market trends has enabled Peter to both compete with and earn the respect of New York’s veteran brokers. Clients immediately take note of his discretion, sharp instincts, honesty and relentless work ethic, which has contributed to numerous referrals and recommendations from his diverse clientele. Clients want Peter in their corner as he truly understands their needs, educates them on their best course of action and does everything necessary to make the deal.

Peter’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to pursue finance and communication while attending Brooklyn College. In his early 20’s he was able to utilize the skills acquired at college when he successfully managed and operated his first investment property. While on the property management side of the industry, Peter discovered a talent for working with tenants and an ability to maximize investment opportunities. Peter discovered early on a natural talent for the business, which led him to acquire his broker’s license and naturally transition into residential real estate.

Whether you are buying, selling or investing, Peter’s experience and well-honed skills will guarantee a great outcome. Thanks to his strong knowledge of the market, tireless effort to work on behalf of his clients, and his innate interpersonal skills, Peter has enjoyed success in both high-end residential sales and luxury rentals at Elegran.

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$1,595,000 exclusive

Orion, PHE Condominium in Midtown West  

1 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
778 Square FT

Penthouse with absolutely extraordinary views!With the highest ceilings in The Orion, Penthouse E boasts open, jaw-dropping views of the Hudson River and Man...

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$28,500,000 featured

70 Vestry Street, APT 11N Condominium in Tribeca  

6 Bedrooms
0 Bathrooms
5,003 Square FT

Residence 11N is a riverfront four to six-bedroom home of 5,003 square feet with an additional 149 square feet of outdoor living space. The home has exposure...

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$6,995,000 in contract

200 East 79th Street, APT 16A Condominium in Upper East Side  

4 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
N/A Square FT

Enjoy your very own oasis in NYC’s most coveted residential neighborhood, the Upper East Side. This gorgeous, elegant 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom apartment offer...

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$1,350,000 in contract

309 East 49th Street, APT 6E Condominium in Turtle Bay  

2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1,154 Square FT

Welcome to 6E, a spacious and sun-filled corner 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom with its own oversized wrap-around balcony! A great home for entertaining. The home‘s s...

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$3,995 / mo exclusive

Orion, APT 4E Condominium in Midtown West  

2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1,147 Square FT

Available as a Furnished apartment as well.Upon stepping into 4E’s spacious foyer, you immediately feel at home. This unique residence at the Orion is a floo...

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$3,900 / mo exclusive

Park House, APT 4B Condominium in Midtown North  

1 Bedrooms
1.5 Bathrooms
800 Square FT

Completely renovated and presented in immaculate condition, this could be the luxurious inner-city abode you’ve always wanted. The apartment comes fully furn...

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$3,400 / mo exclusive

Trump Place, APT 15V Condominium in Lincoln Square  

1 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
700 Square FT

Located on the very hot Riverside Boulevard in a full-service, new construction, high-rise, this 1Bed/1Bath apartment is ideally situated to enjoy southern v...

Address Beds Baths SQ ft Price
443 Greenwich Street, 2A 4 4.5 4,241
443 Greenwich Street, 2-A 4 4.5 4,241
443 Greenwich Street, 4-B 3 3.5 3,454
443 Greenwich Street, 4B 3 3.5 3,454
443 Greenwich Street, 4-B 3 3.5 3,454
One57, 157 West 57th Street, 49-B 2 2.5 2,009
250 West Street, 8-A 4 4.5 4,105
111 Murray Street, 43-B 2 2.5 1,654
323 Park Avenue South, 7-A 2 2.5 1,396
Chelsea Stratus, 101 West 24th Street, 26-B 2 2 1,242
Xoco 325, 325 West Broadway, 5-C 1 1.5 1,055
One Riverside Park, 50 Riverside Boulevard, 10-B 2 2 1,351
77 Reade Street, 5-B 2 2 1,592
400 Fifth Avenue, 43-GH 2 2.5 1,609
Chelsea Green, 151 West 21st Street, 7-E 2 2 1,261
One Riverside Park, 50 Riverside Boulevard, 10-B 2 2 1,341
One Riverside Park, 50 Riverside Boulevard, 12-H 2 2 1,549
Linden 78, 230 West 78th Street, 17-A 2 2 1,529
113 Prince Street, 5-ER 2 2 N/A
303 East 77th Street, PH-B 2 2 1,305
77 Reade Street, 5-B 2 2 1,592
Stella Tower, 425 West 50th Street, 10-B 1 2 1,162
335 Greenwich Street, 5-A 2 2 N/A
The Halcyon, 305 East 51st Street, 15-D 1 1 953
Chelsea Stratus, 101 West 24th Street, 19-C 1 1.5 793
50 West Street, 30-A 1 1.5 1,167
The Orion, 350 West 42nd Street, PH-E 1 1 778
443 Greenwich Street, Parking n8 0 0 N/A
166 West 18th Street, 7-D 1 1.5 844
234 East 23rd Street, 11-A 1 1 733
Twenty 9th Park Madison, 39 East 29th Street, 26-B 1 1 855
30 East 9th Street, 6-D 2 1 N/A
The Sutton, 959 First Avenue, 7-F 1 1 799
Riverhouse, 2 River Terrace, 24-F 1 2 1,092
The Century Towers, 175 West 12th Street, 4-B 2 1.5 1,000
The Orion, 350 West 42nd Street, 20-L 2 2 957
93 Worth Street, 411 0 1 611
+ Art, 540 West 28th Street, 4-F 1 1 729
Tempo, 300 East 23rd Street, 3-H 1 1 717
Trump Place, 120 Riverside Boulevard, 15-V 1 1 687
Warwick Arms, 101 West 80th Street, 2-D 1 1 450
+ Art, 540 West 28th Street, 3-F 1 1 729
Gramercy Arms, 102 East 22nd Street, 9-I 1 1 650
The Orion, 350 West 42nd Street, 19-M 1 1 615
The Irvin, 308 West 30th Street, 8-A 1 1 571
The Citizen, 124 West 23rd Street, 3-C 0 1 548
430 Clinton Avenue, 4-D 1 1 800
One48, 148 East 24th Street, 7-B 0 1 407
The Carlton East, 220 East 57th Street, 4-B 1 1 630
177 West 4th Street, 1 2 2 N/A
Address Beds Baths SQ ft Price
443 Greenwich Street, 4-B 3 3.5 3,454
200 East 79th Street, 16-A 4 4.5 3,021
56 Leonard, 23-AEAST 3 3 N/A
The Liberty Luxe, 200 North End Avenue, 3-PQ 4 3 2,130
The Corner, 200 West 72nd Street, PH 2 2 N/A
400 Fifth Avenue, 43-GH 2 2.5 1,609
75 Sullivan Street, 6-N 2 2 1,475
49 Bond Street, 2-FLR 2 2 1,800
Columbus Square, 808 Columbus Avenue, PH-C 1 1 652
The Element, 555 West 59th Street, 8-B 3 3 1,689
101 Warren Street, 1830 2 2.5 1,611
The Chelsea Green, 151 West 21st Street, 7-E 2 2 1,261
60 Riverside Boulevard, 1809 2 2.5 1,462
124 Chambers Street, 2 3 1 1,415
35XV, 35 West 15th Street, 16-B 1 1.5 1,002
One Riverside Park, 50 Riverside Boulevard, 12-H 2 2.5 1,549
One Riverside Park, 50 Riverside Boulevard, 10-B 2 2 1,341
One Sixty Madison, 160 Madison Avenue, 38-B 1 1 N/A
The Leo, 260 Elizabeth Street, 2 3 2 N/A
425 West 50th Street, 14D 1 2 1,416
50 West Street, 30-A 1 1.5 1,167
The Aire, 200 West 67th Street, PH-B 1 1 700
The Chelsea Stratus, 101 West 24th Street, 19-C 1 1.5 793
177 West 4th Street, 1 2 1 N/A
The Halcyon, 305 East 51st Street, 15-D 1 1 953
179 West 4th Street, 1 2 1 N/A
Twenty 9th Park Madison, 39 East 29th Street, 26-B 1 1 855
101 West 24th Street, 19-C 1 1.5 793
177 West 4th Street, 1 2 2 N/A
179 West 4th Street, 1 2 2 N/A
The Orion, 350 West 42nd Street, PH-E 1 1 778
The Orion, 350 West 42nd Street, PH-E 1 1 778
The Orion, 350 West 42nd Street, PH-E 1 1 N/A
145 Fourth Avenue, 16-C 1 1 700
+aRt, 540 West 28th St, 4-F 1 1 729
156 2nd Avenue, 6-F 3 1 N/A
540 West 28th Street, 4F 1 1 729
The Carnegie, 40 East 94th Street, 4-K 1 1 800
+aRt, 540 West 28th Street, 4-F 1 1 729
The Citizen, 124 West 23rd Street, 3-C 0 1 548
10 West End Avenue, 6-D 1 1 824
The Carlton, 82 Irving Place, 7-A 2 1 900
The Trump Place, 120 Riverside Boulevard, 15-V 1 1 700
The Orion, 350 West 42nd Street, 19-M 1 1 615
The Sheffield, 322 West 57th Street, 25-U 0 1 585
88 Leonard Street, 521 0 1 N/A
12 West 76th Street, 5R 1 1 N/A
41 Duffield Street, 2 2 1 800
189 Schermerhorn Street, 25-C 1 1 616
The Atrium, 181 Seventh Avenue, 7-D 0 1 445
93 Madison Street, 2-B 1 1 650


I've lived in the city for 10 years and worked with several brokers. I think Peter was the best broker I've worked with. He combined the right amount of patience and understanding with a level of urgency in getting things done. And I truly felt Peter had my best interests at heart. I would highly recommend working with him. - Ben H. Working with Peter was a pleasure, and I was fortunate to meet him during my rental apartment search! Peter is smart, knowledgeable, and responsive, and he helped me find the perfect place: a beautiful condo in Chelsea. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new home in Manhattan. - Jill G. For several years, my husband and I were toying with the idea of purchasing a pied-à-terre in Manhattan. We had connected with a couple of agents who showed us a few condos. None were of interest and the agents lost interest. This purchase was by no means time sensitive and perhaps agents sensed that we were not overly eager or ready enough to make a purchase. 
When we contacted Elegran about an online listing, Peter Oliveri was assigned our "case". I found him most personable and interested in learning about our needs. We had articulated interest in a west side building with amenities, pool and exercise room... etc. Peter set up several appointments and we walked about the city seeing condos and becoming acquainted. I liked his relaxed nature. None of the listings interested us, but Peter stayed in regular contact, forwarding listings for our consideration. 
Peter recommended we see a boutique condo on the Upper East Side. The newly constructed east side building had no amenities. Peter encouraged us to see it, as he sensed we might like the feel. To our surprise, we did.
Peter had learned over time that perhaps we would be happier in a small condo: easy living with fewer amenities, hence less expensive monthly fees. We loved the building set up, two condos per floor. There was never a sense of urgency for us to purchase a NY condo. It was Peter's persistence and patience that created the opportunity for us. Peter is a terrific agent. He takes personal interest in his clients. He gets to know them enough to assess their needs. He listens carefully. He is never rushed. I was particularly impressed when he took a walk with me after seeing the condo for the first time. As we walked down 2nd avenue he helped me become more acquainted with the neighborhood.
It is evident that Peter enjoys his career choice. He is a real people person. He presents himself professionally and is so polite and respectful. We talked about Italy, family, and how much he loves his work, in particular where he works. Elegran is fortunate to have him as a real estate associate.  We have dealt with many over the years, and he is a keeper.
We closed the condo a few weeks later. Peter continued to be on top of the process. We are grateful to have made his acquaintance and hope to stay in touch. 
- Nancy and Mark
Peter represented me in my condo purchase in the One57 building. I found Peter to be extremely hardworking, conscientious, readily available at any hour of the day and exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of New York City’s real estate and the city in general. I would highly recommend him. In my opinion, Peter is the top real estate agent in New York! - Lee Peter is an experienced real estate agent who is honest and feels more like a family member than a salesman. He has a strong work ethic, and is always polite and on time. He has always used a personal touch to keep in contact with us through the years.
He is “in the know” with first-hand knowledge about buildings that could have pre-sale pricing, new and trendy buildings, and real estate already on the market. You can tell by walking around the city with Peter that he loves real estate, and since he lives in the city, he has a strong sense for each neighborhood and what each one has to offer.
In a short period of time, Peter was able to determine the best fit for us, what we would fall in love with, while also keeping us in our price range.
Peter is attentive and can walk a building in and out. He knows layouts and pricing like the back of his hand. He has strong relationships with mortgage brokers, allowing him to facilitate low rate mortgages. He is supportive through the long haul, from signing the contract to holding your hand during the closing. He is always quick to respond to an email or text.
Lastly, he’s experienced in the field. We have been working with Peter for the last 10 years and he has always guided us to make the right choice for living in a beautiful home; our investment doubled in value within a five-year period. You will love him!
- Michelle and Steve
Peter represented me in several of my condo purchases and sales in New York. I found Peter to be extremely hardworking and responsive, fully committed and working tirelessly to secure the best deals for his clients. I would highly recommend him. - Chandra M. Even with prior property investment experience, I quickly discovered that Manhattan real estate investing is not for the faint of heart. With each investment in Manhattan, Peter helped me get the deals where I started out second in queue! Peter takes the time to understand each of his clients’ unique needs and will not waste your time. Peter always reacts instantaneously to my decisions – I knew that Peter will always be my go-to guy when I decided to make an offer during a viewing and Peter had sent out the offer before we exited the building elevator. Moreover Peter is well-liked and respected in the ecosystem. His charismatic personality bodes well in the past-paced and highly competitive industry. - Yenyun F.

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